蝨 stroke order
Component Radicals
Related Kanji
Word/Phrase Reading Meaning
壁蝨 だに ダニ
  • tick (Acari spp.)
  • mite
  • しらみ しし シラミ
  • louse (esp. a sucking louse)
  • lice
  • 虱潰し 蝨潰し しらみつぶし
  • very thorough search (for contraband, escaped convict, etc.)
  • fine-tooth-comb search
  • exhaustive search
  • 虱潰しに 蝨潰しに しらみつぶしに
  • one by one
  • going over with a fine-tooth comb
  • 家ダニ 家だに 家壁蝨 いえだに いえダニ
  • tropical rat mite (Ornithonyssus bacoti)
  • 毛ダニ 毛蜱 毛壁蝨 けダニ けだに ケダニ
  • velvet mite (Trombidiidae spp.)
  • erythaeid mite (Erythraeoidea spp.)
  • harvest mite (Trombiculidae spp.)
  • 葉壁蝨 はだに ハダニ
  • spider mite (any mite of family Tetranychidae)
  • 木虱 木蝨 きじらみ キジラミ
  • psylla (any insect of family Psyllidae)
  • psyllid
  • jumping plant louse
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