椀 stroke order
wooden or lacquered bowl
Component Radicals
Jōyō 9
KKD 1250
Related Kanji
Word/Phrase Reading Meaning
  • bowl (wooden)
  • 大盤振る舞い 大盤振舞 大盤振舞い 椀飯振る舞い 椀飯振舞 おおばんぶるまい おうばんぶるまい おおばんふるまい
  • lavish feast
  • splendid banquet
  • 汁椀 しるわん
  • soup bowl
  • 椀子蕎麦 椀子そば わんこそば
  • soba noodles in broth served continuously so that the guest or customer never has an empty bowl
  • 止め椀 止椀 とめわん
  • soup served at the end of a traditional Japanese dinner
  • last soup served in a Kaiseki course (often miso soup)
  • 椀盛り 椀盛 わんもり
  • food cooked by boiling or stewing
  • 金椀 かなまり かなわん
  • small metal bowl
  • 飯椀 飯碗 めしわん
  • bowl used for serving rice
  • 椀種 わんだね
  • soup ingredients (esp. seafood, tofu, egg)
  • 椀形アンテナ わんようアンテナ
  • dish antenna
  • parabolic antenna
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