惣 stroke order
Component Radicals
Jōyō 9
KKD 3452
Related Kanji
Word/Phrase Reading Meaning
惣菜 総菜 そうざい
  • side dish
  • daily (household) dish
  • 惣社 総社 そうじゃ
  • shrine enshrining several gods
  • 全て 総て 凡て 惣て 渾て 総べて すべて
  • everything
  • all
  • the whole
  • 総領 惣領 總領 そうりょう
  • eldest child
  • oldest child
  • first-born child
  • 惣嫁 総嫁 そうか
  • (Edo period) streetwalker
  • 惣管領 そうかんりょう
  • (hist.) governor-general
  • 助宗鱈 助惣鱈 すけそうだら スケソウダラ
  • walleye pollack
  • Alaska pollack (Theragra chalcogramma)
  • 総構え 惣構 そうがまえ
  • outermost enclosure of a castle or fortress (including the town around it)
  • 惣菜店 そうざいてん
  • delicatessen
  • deli
  • 惣領制 そうりょうせい
  • soryo system
  • organization of regional landholding families based on divided inheritance under the leadership of a main heir, usu. the eldest son (Kamakura period)
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