庚 stroke order
7th calendar sign
Component Radicals
Jōyō 9
KKD 3826
Related Kanji
Word/Phrase Reading Meaning
かのえ こう
  • 7th in rank
  • seventh sign of the Chinese calendar
  • 庚申 こうしん
  • 57th of the sexagenary cycle
  • 庚申待 庚申待ち こうしんまち
  • staying awake on the eve of the 57th day of the sexagenary cycle (to prevent the three worms from reporting one's wrongdoings and shortening one's lifespan), while worshipping Sakra, the Blue-Faced Vajra, or Sarutahiko
  • 庚午 かのえうま こうご
  • seventh of the sexagenary cycle
  • 庚辰 かのえたつ こうしん
  • seventeenth of the sexagenary cycle
  • 庚寅 かのえとら こういん
  • twenty-seventh of the sexagenary cycle
  • 庚戌 かのえいぬ こうじゅつ
  • 47th of the sexagenary cycle
  • 庚申薔薇 こうしんばら コウシンバラ
  • China rose (Rosa chinensis)
  • monthly rosebush
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