屏 stroke order
Component Radicals
Related Kanji
Word/Phrase Reading Meaning
  • wall
  • 金屏風 きんびょうぶ
  • folding screen covered with gold leaf
  • 屏風 びょうぶ
  • folding screen
  • 屏居 へいきょ
  • living in retirement
  • 屏息 閉息 へいそく
  • bated breath
  • being cowed into silence
  • 屏風岩 びょうぶいわ
  • sheer cliff
  • 枕屏風 まくらびょうぶ
  • bed(side) screen
  • 練塀 練り塀 煉り塀 煉屏 ねりべい
  • mud and tile wall topped with tiles
  • 障屏 障蔽 しょうへい
  • partitions in a Japanese house (e.g. screens, sliding doors, etc.)
  • 屏風絵 びょうぶえ
  • picture drawn on a folding screen
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