蘊 stroke order
pile up
Component Radicals
Related Kanji
Word/Phrase Reading Meaning
余蘊 ようん
  • inexhaustible supply
  • 蘊蓄 薀蓄 うん蓄 うんちく
  • great erudition
  • extensive knowledge
  • one's vast stock of knowledge
  • 蘊奥 うんのう うんおう
  • inner mysteries (of a field of study)
  • secrets
  • 受蘊 じゅうん
  • perception
  • 薀蓄を傾ける 蘊蓄を傾ける うん蓄を傾ける うんちくをかたむける
  • to draw upon one's profound knowledge
  • 蘊奥を極める 蘊奥を究める うんのうをきわめる
  • to master the secrets of
  • 水雲 藻付 海蘊 海雲 もずく モズク
  • mozuku (Cladosiphon okamuranus and Sphaerotrichia divaricata, types of edible seaweed)
  • 五蘊 ごうん
  • the five skandhas (the five aggregates: matter, sensation, perception, mental formations and consciousness)
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