臈 stroke order
year-end sacrifice
dried meat
Component Radicals
Related Kanji
Word/Phrase Reading Meaning
女郎 女臈 じょろう じょろ じょうろ
  • prostitute (esp. Edo period)
  • 上臈 上﨟 じょうろう
  • court lady
  • noblewoman
  • ろう
  • year in the Buddhist order (after the completion of the first meditation retreat)
  • 臈たける 臈長ける 臈闌ける ろうたける
  • to be elegant (usu. of a woman)
  • to be graceful
  • to be refined
  • 奥上臈 おくじょうろう
  • woman in waiting in the inner part of a lord's mansion
  • 中臈 中﨟 ちゅうろう
  • court ladies of the middle rank serving in the inner palace (Heian period)
  • 臘乾 臈乾 ラカン
  • Chinese smoked and salted ham
  • 劫臈 劫﨟 劫臘 こうろう
  • long time
  • long years of service
  • 劫臈を経る 劫﨟を経る こうろうをへる
  • to have become experienced
  • to have become skillful after having accumulated years of experience
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