灌 stroke order
Component Radicals
Related Kanji
Word/Phrase Reading Meaning
注ぐ 灌ぐ 潅ぐ 濺ぐ 漑ぐ そそぐ
  • to pour (into)
  • to fill
  • 灌漑 潅漑 かんがい
  • irrigation
  • 浣腸 潅腸 灌腸 かんちょう
  • (giving an) enema
  • 潅水 かん水 灌水 かんすい
  • sprinkling (water)
  • watering (plants)
  • 灌木 潅木 かん木 かんぼく
  • bush
  • shrub
  • 灌漑用水 潅漑用水 かんがいようすい
  • irrigation water
  • 湯灌 湯潅 ゆかん
  • washing a corpse for burial
  • 灌仏会 かんぶつえ
  • Buddha's Birthday (8th day of the 4th lunar month)
  • 伝法灌頂 でんぼうかんじょう
  • consecration ritual for the conferral of the status of Acharya (in esoteric Buddhism)
  • 灌流圧 潅流圧 かん流圧 かんりゅうあつ
  • perfusion pressure
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